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Do I really need a service plan for my water treatment equipment?

You change the oil in your car every 5000 miles so it keeps doing its job. Regular maintenance from an honest mechanic also identifies true issues before the get super expensive. All of us have had to bear the untimely cost of major repairs because we did not maintain a vehicle.

Customers want the same for their homes, furnaces, dishwasher, water heaters….water softeners are no different a little lubrication here, some adjustment there, cleaning an screen or injector and testing the functionality and quality of the product water all is relevant.

Some folks install and service their water softeners, acid neutralizers and filters themselves, for those who are handy and familiar with the equipment maintaining the equipment is a possibility. If a homeowner doesn’t know where to start, you should call in a specialist because thigs can get out of control fast if you make a mistake.
I spoke with Kevin at Liberty Pure Solutions, Inc. in Phoenix, MD about the importance of the service plans, and when is it the right move for customers.

“When doing annual maintenance on a water softener, first you have to relieve the pressure (turn water off, let valve completely vent). if you turn the water off without allowing the pressure to relieve look out you’re going to need rain gear and a lot of towels. Proper servicing from a professional technician takes about 15 minutes. “We evaluate the condition of the system, injectors, screens timer’s gears, flow controls and bypass. Also sanitizing the softener is important especially on well water as bacteria can begin colonizing over time and adding the yuk factor to the water.”

Poor or no maintenance can bring back the hard water issues you bought if for in the first place. During your service call the water is also tested before and after the unit to make sure all adjustments needed are made for efficient and thorough conditioning of the water. Also testing the hot and cold is important to make sure water is not getting by untreated.

Like your automobile, a malfunction is sometime so gradual the user doesn’t notice, but a professional will pick up issues before the cause a breakdown. Sediment can clog injectors, timer motors fail, bypass valves get accidently activated along with a host of other issues you want to avoid.

A timer valve failure for existence can ruin the softener as it is no longer cleaning itself and will fail pre-maturely. Other items like UV lights must have the bulbs changed annually, however if you do not check and clean the quartz sleeve inside the become ineffective over time. Reverse Osmosis systems are very expensive and if not maintained will fail to remove the dissolved solids.

Liberty Pure Solutions, Inc. an independent local manufacturing and sales facility in Jacksonville Maryland just outside of Hunt Valley offers Service contracts to its customers.

  • Deliver and install filters throughout the water process annually
  • Delivers and installs a 12-month supply of solar salt if needed
  • Services and refills Acid Neutralizers
  • Dumps and repacks carbon tanks as needed
  • Replaced UV lights and cleans annually
  • Add upgrades and introduces new technology as it becomes available
  • Special pricing on upgrades, plumbing services
  • Special pricing on water heaters, well pumps and tanks…..etc.
  • Special pricing on plumbing services

Liberty Pure Solutions, Inc. allows customers to customize some of the plans to meet their specific needs. LPSI has direct access to Maryland State Certified labs, as well as our own testing equipment to detect contaminants from bacteria to PFOS. LPSI encourages their customers (included in maintenance plans) to regularly asses water quality to indicate changes.

Check with your dealer to find out what they offer, it will save time and money in the future. Preventative maintenance always pays off in the long run.

Doug Workman
Master Water Specialist


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