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A Clean Water Concept

Wondering how to stop salt from bridging in your water conditioning tank? Find out how to prevent it.

What is a salt bridge?

When the moisture in a brine tank causes the salt to clump or stick together, the salt bonds together above the water level in the tank, forming a salt bridge. This prevents the loose salt on top from mixing with the water below it.

What causes salt bridges?

Common causes of salt bridges include high humidity, using the wrong kind of salt, temperature changes around the brine tank, or high water levels in the brine tank. Sometimes, this can be an indication of a problem with the venturi jets in the control module.

Preventing salt bridges.

Sometimes, salt bridges can happen no matter what. However, make sure you’re maintaining your conditioning tank properly. Knowing which kind of salt to use with your equipment, cleaning your tank regularly, and monitoring the water levels can all help to reduce the odds of salt bridges forming.
-Cope Company

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